FISHER’s industry-leading snow plows & spreaders

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FISHER® Snowplows & Spreaders

Winters in Alaska can be tough, but Fisher Snowplows are built tougher. At Interior Mechanical Services we are proud to Fairbank and the interiors official Fisher Snow plow dealer. We provide complete plow set, installation, and replacement parts.FISHER ® NATION doesn’t stand to the side waiting for someone else to clear a path. You go where others haven’t. And the way we see it, it’s our job to keep making the equipment that works harder for longer—keeping you profitable and ahead of the rest.

FISHER® Products Include:

•Truck Mounted Snowplows
• V-Plows• Expandable Wing Plows
• Skid-Steer Snowplows
• UTV Snowplows and Spreaders
• Poly Hopper Spreaders
• Stainless Steel Hopper Spreaders
• Tailgate Spreaders

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